Another Photo

A fovorite from my son, a professional photographer. I can't come close with my photos.

A Favorite Photo

I took this photo on a spring trip to Niagara Falls. Like every tourist I have awesome photos of the Falls itself, but this one of the Niagara River is my favorite.

For My Mini-Swap Partner

I had some orphan blocks, so I put them together and took part in this month's mini-swap. No quilting by hand, or maneuvering for FMQ, just buttons to hold it all together. Keeping it simple worked, and I sent it off before remembering to take a picture. Then my partner took this photo and posted it. So nice of her!

Couldn't Resist

I liked this so much that I ordered it from our blogging friend, Gene Black. This original handmade notebook cover is in my favorite colors. Plus, it has some great FMQ and Gene's hand-woven fabric in the block design. It holds a black and white composition notebook, like we used as kids (which Gene included). My challenge now is to decide how to use it. Gene is making a lot of these to stockpile and sell at a Christmas bazaar so this isn't really a plug. But I talked him out of this one, and I do like it, so it's "blog-worthy"!

A Little History

We recently spent time exploring early life in Newport, RI. We saw the usual sites, then also visited some old cemeteries. This headstone caught my eye because of its age, yet it's still legible. Before standardized language, the letter "V" was apparently used as a "U". The engraving reads: "Here Lieth Buried Te Body Of William Reape Aged 42 Yeare As Deceased Ye 6 Day of August 1670"

An Interesting Insect

The first entry on my new blog is a photo of a Praying Mantis I captured on my daily walk. I hadn't seen one in many years! My cell phone camera did a good job. He looks like he's also out for a stroll!